(COMPANY) Influencer Program

Become a part of our Influencer program!

Become a part of our Influencer program and share your passion for the high school exchange.

You have already been on an exchange year or want to explore yourself by going on the exchange year. You want to share your passion and learn for life experiences by spreading the word about our high school exchange and helping to inspire the students to discover the high school experience and let our exchange student community grow.

We collaborate with influencers to create exciting content and spread word of mouth among the community of teenagers.

Our selection criteria

  • Must be on the high school exchange year program with us!
  • Passionate to share your high school exchange experiences and guide the new students in their exchange year journey.
  • Share the same passion for exploring and connecting with the world.

Your advantages:

Increased visibility

You will be featured on our various marketing channels and can reach more than 100,000 students. 


Performance based remuneration model.

Exclusive travel opportunities

Get a chance to go on short trips to different destinations and meet with the high school exchange students.

Learning opportunities

Get a chance to attend different high school programs

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